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A commitment to value, customer experience, and exceeding industry standards has made Steelhead Construction an industry leader. Getting there required a true understanding of the construction industry, as well as what people expect in the first place. Steelhead Construction is a company made up of industry professionals where everyone believes quality and the overall customer experience is the true measure of value. The company was founded by Aaron Wright in 2003 with one thing in mind, giving each customer what they deserve. This has been the driving force that has shaped Steelhead Construction and its employees. Years later this driving force is still visible in every employee and completed project. Whether it’s a new or an existing home, the Steelhead team has your value in mind. Value is something that truly cannot be quantified in the moment, however can be completely realized in the future, when the product has reached the end of its life. At this point an individual can look back and determine the true value of their investment. This is why the sustainability of every project and the experience it provides is of utmost importance to our team.



Starting a construction company I have worn many hats and stood in many shoes.  I have loved almost every day of it and now years later it has given me perspective when training employees and developing systems.  I started Steelhead Construction in 2003 and I now manage the company and do most of our creative design work and estimating.  When it comes to my career I am passionate about business development and team building.  It is my hope that one day the Steelhead team has the chance to blow your mind. I have 3 beautiful daughters that keep me busy with school, play dates, gymnastics, softball, and soccer. In my free time I am usually out with family or friends on the water fishing or playing.  I love our water ways here in Idaho and spending time on them.  I am also passionate about long range shooting, archery, and big game hunting.

Contractor Boise Idaho

Contractor Boise Idaho


Construction Manager

I am the construction manager at Steelhead Construction and spend most of my time in the field. I am a family man, married to my lovely wife Trisha and a father of an amazing daughter, and 2 wonderful boys. I am a 15 year tradesmen and passionate about the construction industry. I started my career in 1998 framing houses and eventually started my own company as a framing contractor in 2003.  Over time I grew a passion for managing projects and doing fine detailed custom exterior and interior work.  I joined the Steelhead team in 2010. It has been a real pleasure working with such a structured professional company. I hope to have the pleasure of working with you and get to help you accomplish your dream projects.